EPS Research Laboratory

  1. Programmable DC Power Supply
  2. 4x6kW grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  3. Weather station with one-second time resolution meteorological data
  4. HAEFELY high voltage test equipment
  5. OMICRON MPD600 partial discharge measurement system
  6. FESTEC tracking and erosion system
  7. MEGGER portable oil AC breakdown tester
  8. COMSOL Multiphysics software



PED Research Laboratory

  1. ANSYS Maxwell software for modelling
  2. Experimental setup for motor / generator measurement
  3. AC motor design test system
  4. Lithium ion Battery charger and balancing systems
  5. High-performance induction motor or BLDC drives
  6. Superior microcontrollers (e.g. dSPACE & FPGA)
  7. Copper wire winding machine & Infrared IC heater



REAT Research Laboratory

  1. Surface EMG Sensors and Systems
  2. Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyzer
  3. PICO PC Oscilloscope
  4. Thermal Imaging Camera



RIA Research Laboratory

  1. KUKA Robot for welding
  2. CNC machine
  3. 3D Scanner and Printer
  4. Motion Control for Electromagnetic Actuator and Finger system
  5. Unmanned Underwater Vehicle




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