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PVSG Publications and Awards





  1. Tie, Chin Ho; Gan, Chin Kim; Ibrahim, Khairul Anwar; Probabilistic Impact Assessment of Electric Vehicle Charging on Malaysia Low-Voltage Distribution Networks Indian Journal of Science and Technology
  2. Abunima, HZ; Gan, CK; Nawawi, NM; EVALUATION AND ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF 2MW SOLAR PV FARM IN MELAKA International Journal of Renewable Energy Resources (formerly International Journal of Renewable Energy Research)
  3. Ibrahim, Khairul Anwar; Au, Mau Teng; Gan, Chin Kim; Reference Network Development Concept for the Malaysian Power Distribution System Applied Mechanics and Materials
  4. Hasan, Ihsan Jabbar; Ghani, Ab; Ruddin, Mohd; Gan, Chin Kim; Optimum Substation Placement and Feeder Routing Using GA-MST Applied Mechanics and Materials
  5. Mohamed Nawawi, Noorsharin; Gan, Chin Kim; Tan, Pi Hua; Comparison of Different Options to Transport Energy in Photovoltaic Power Plant Using Centralized Inverter Applied Mechanics and Materials
  6. Baharin, Kyairul Azmi; Abd Rahman, Hasimah; Hassan, Mohammad Yusri; Gan, Chin Kim; Hourly Photovoltaics Power Output Prediction for Malaysia Using Support Vector Regression Applied Mechanics and Materials
  7. Affandi, Rosnani; Geok Pheng, Liaw; Ghani, Ab; Ruddin, Mohd; Gan, Chin Kim; The Effects of Solar Irradiance, Reflecting Material and Intercept Factor to the Solar Power Intercepted by Receiver 1kW Parabolic Dish Applied Mechanics and Materials
  8. Geok Pheng, Liaw; Affandi, Rosnani; Ghani, Ab; Ruddin, Mohd; Gan, Chin Kim; Zanariah, Jano; Stirling Engine Technology for Parabolic Dish-Stirling System Based on Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Applied Mechanics and Materials.
  9. Lau, Cheiw Yun; Gan, Chin Kim; Tie, Chin Ho; Baharin, Kyairul Azmi; Sulaima, Mohamad Fani; Passing-Cloud Effects of Solar Photovoltaic System on Distribution Network Voltages Applied Mechanics and Materials
  10. Napis, Nur Faziera; Sulaima, Mohamad Fani; Kadir, Abd; Fazliana, Aida; Gan, Chin Kim; Mohd Dahalan, Wardiah; Sulaiman, Marizan; A Comprehensive Study of Improved Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (IEPSO) for Network Reconfiguration with DGs Sizing Concurrently Applied Mechanics and Materials
  11. Daud, Sa'adah; Kadir, Abdul; Fazliana, Aida; Gan, Chin Kim; Abdullah, Abdul Rahim; Sulaima, Mohamad Fani; Shamsudin, NH; Optimal Placement and Sizing of Renewable Distributed Generation via Gravitational Search Algorithm Applied Mechanics and Materials
  12. Hasimah A. Rahman, Md. Shah Majid, A. Rezaee Jordehi, Gan Chin Kim, Mohammad Yusri Hassan, Saeed O. Fadhl; Operation and control strategies of integrated distributed energy resources: A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  13. Gan, Chin Kim; Shamshiri, Meysam; Pudjianto, Danny; Integration of PV system into LV distribution networks with Demand Response application PowerTech, 2015 IEEE Eindhoven
  14. Soon, Chan Roong; Chong, Shin Horng; Gan, Chin Kim; Design and implementation of a laboratory scale single axis solar tracking system
  15. Hywel, R; Tee, BT; Arifin, MY; Tan, CF; Gan, CK; Chong, CT; ACMV Energy Analysis for Academic Building: A Case Study IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
  16. Tie, Chin Ho; Gan, Chin Kim; Ibrahim, Khairul Anwar; Shamshiri, Meysam; Probabilistic evaluation of the impact of residential photovoltaic system on Malaysia low-voltage network using Monte Carlo approach Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Mosheer, Ad;
  17. Gan, CK; OPTIMAL SOLAR CABLE SELECTION FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS International Journal of Renewable Energy Resources (formerly International Journal of Renewable Energy Research)
  18. Shamshiri, Meysam; Gan, Chin Kim; Safaei, Javad; Omar, Rosli; Ab Ghani, Mohd Ruddin; Tamjis, Mohamad RomTamjis; Smart Grid Application Via Home Automation System International Journal of Applied Engineering Research




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