PED Facilities and Services




This research laboratory has good facilities/equipments to implement the hardware system, in verifying the effectiveness/improvements of proposed control algorithms. In general, some equipments used in implementing the hardware/drive system can be illustrated as shown in figure below:




General Experimental Set-Up







Equipment that available in the laboratory are listed as follows:

dSPACE DS1104 R&D Controller Board (9 units)*

ezdspF28335 Controller Board Spectrum Digital (5 units)

DE0 Development and Education Board/FPGA (5 units)

Supporting Systems for DS1104*

Test-bed AC Motor and DC Generator

Uninterupptible Power Supply

Electronic AC/DC load, Chroma

Torque Sensor, Terco

Variable Three-Phase Transformer

Electronic/DC Power Supply

Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix

High DC Power Supply

Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor

DC Generator/Motor

Three-Phase Induction Motor

Five-Phase Induction Motor

Gate Driver Units

Three-Phase Inverter

Neutral-Point-Clamed Multilevel Inverter

Five-level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter

Hysteresis loading unit

Incremental Encoder, 2048 ppr, TTL




Name of Equipment

ds1104 R&D Controller Board


The most powerful controller, i.e. ds1104 R&D Controller board which is widely used in many university laboratories is utilized to obtain efficient and reliable control/drive systems. This controller board offers great features such as

  • - Single-board system with real-time hardware and comprehensive I/O
  • - Cost-effective
  • - PCI hardware for use in PCs
  • - User friendly, the control algorithm can be programmed using C-language or Simulink/Matlab
  • - Powerful instruments to visualize and tuning the control parameters in real-time

These great features offer superior development system for rapid control prototyping (i.e. reduce the implementation time to minimum) and hence enhance research productivities.

Name of Equipment

Supporting System


The supporting system consists of i/o ds1104 terminals, level shifter and buffer circuits with FPGA as supporting controller board, gate drivers, power inverter, currents and speed measuring units. The supporting system is reliable and immune to noise/EMI. The CPLD/FPGA is utilized (optional) as a supporting processor/controller board to minimize computational burden of main ds1104 controller board. In addition, the use of FPGA provides extra switching PWM signals with blanking time which is mainly required in multilevel inverters.