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First Product Exhibitions / Competitions

Evergreen – 1st UTeM Electric Car






Researchers of PED laboratory play dominant roles in realizing the 1st electric vehicle, for participating Proton Green Mobility Challenge 2012, which was held at Sepang International Circuit. In this challenge, the conventional internal Combustion Engine (iCE) of the standard Proton SAGA was replaced to the electric –induction motor as the prime mover, where the power totally supplied by the Lithium Ion Batteries. The specifications of crucial electrical parts developed by our researches are briefly described as follows: Motor controller is based on Field Oriented Controller (FOC) with appropriate control parameters to obtain high-efficiency, excellent dynamic and traction controls.


Battery management system is responsible to monitor and manage the optimal control of charging, discharging and temperature of the batteries. The charging of the Lithium-Ion batteries has two control modes; i.e. current control mode and voltage control mode, which is suitable for the type of batteries to get the maximum charging capacity.


Below are some categories that are won in this challenge:

- Winner Best Research and Development in Proton Green Mobility Challenges, RM 3000

- Winner V-Max in Proton Green Mobility Challenges, RM 3000

- 2nd Runner-up in Proton Green Mobility Challenges, RM 10000




Photos of some components in Evergreen Car:

13-module of Lithium Ion Battery





Battery Management System





Motor and Controller




















Second Product Exhibitions / Competitions

i-DRIVE Systems






i-DRIVE provides a comprehensive solution for developing intelligent and high-performance electric drive systems, e.g: 1) to provide platform/experimental based for formulating new algorithms to improve motor drive/inverter performances, 2) to enhance productivity in industry by adjusting control parameters to set at appropriate values with flexible and user friendly drive system, 3) to reduce costs and times for developing any drive systems (i.e. rapid prototype development), 4) to train for students/young engineers about electrical drive systems.


Most of components in i-DRIVE System was made from scratch by our researchers. System development is based on the powerful controllers, i.e. dS1104 R&D Controller Board and FPGA. Control algorithm is formulated by the latest Direct Torque Control (DTC) technology. With i-Drive Technology, researchers or engineers can dramatically reduce development times and costs, while systematically increasing productivity.


Research Team Members:

- Dr. Auzani bin Jidin

- Muhd Khairi Bin Abd Rahim

- Muhd Zharif Rifqi Bin Zuber Ahmadi

- Logan Raj Lourdes Victor Raj

- Sundram a/l Ramahlingam

- Adeline Lukar Herlino

- Ahmad Faiz Noor Azam



















Third Product Exhibitions / Competitions

ProSine Multilevel Inverter






This product is very useful for any AC drive application that requires high-efficiency, low harmonic distortions and high-realibility. Features of the ProSine are given as follows.


Built-in features such as Space Vector Modulation technique to provide flexible control for any electrical drives application. It employs a 3-level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter technology that can provide greater improvements in terms of power quality and efficiency.


Superior control performance for high power medium-voltage energy control with the optimal switching vectors strategy.


- Dr. Auzani bin Jidin

- Atikah Binti Razi

- Syamim Bt Sanusi

- Nor Faezah Binti Alias





























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