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Welcome to Solar PV System and Smart Grid (PVSG) Research Laboratory

The Solar PV System & Smart Grid (PVSG) research laboratory houses the 24-kW Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic (GCPV) System. It consists of four different GCPV systems with four (4) different types of PV module technologies, namely
- Mono-Crystalline (MONO)
- Poly-Crystalline (POLY)
- Thin-Film
- Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HIT)

The GCPV system was connected to the building’s main switch board and generating electricity energy to supply the load in the building. The average monthly generation of the 24-kW GCPV system is approximately 2700 kWh, depending on the weather conditions. In addition, the laboratory is also equipped with weather station that records the meteorological data with up to one second time interval. The reseach activites in PVSG focuses on partial shading analysis, PV forecasting, PV plant design and evaluation of PV system performance. Apart from the PV related research, the laboratory also supports research on smart grid application, such as the benefit of demand response on PV integration, impact of PV and Electric Vehicle to the distribution grid and optimal DG sizing and placement.




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Assoc. Prof Dr. Gan Chin Kim

Research Expertise: PV and Smart Grid

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