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Welcome to Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) Research Laboratory

The Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) Research Laboratory is one of the research laboratories under the Power Electronics and Drives (PED) Research Group in the Center of Robotics & Industrial Automation (CeRIA). It is based at Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), UTeM and had started as a research lab in 2013 and continues actively in supporting the UTeM niche area as a research lab up until now.

Current research activities include various digital signal processing discipline not just limited to power electronics and drives (power quality, inverter, etc) but also covers a wide range of applications that include bio-signal processing (electromyography (EMG) signal, etc).

The research lab has participated in several national and international exhibitions (ITEX, PECIPTA, i-ENVEX, etc) and had won medals, special award and also best of the best award. Besides exhibition, the academic staffs, postgraduate students and undergraduate students registered under the research lab are actively producing publications not just limited to indexed journals, conference proceedings but also books. The research laboratory brings together researchers with various expertise and disciplines related to digital signal processing.




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Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdullah

Research Expertise: Signal processing

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