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EVD Projects and Grants






1. Sensorless and Independent Speed Control of Dual-PMSM Drives using Five-Leg Inverter (FLI)

 -Dr Jurifa binti Mat Lazi




2. Fuzzy Logic Speed Control of Independent Two Induction Motor Drives Fed by 5-Leg Inverter

-Dr Md Hairul Nizam bin Talib




3. Sensorless Fuzzy Logic Speed Control of Induction Motor Drives for Long Cable Applications

 -Siti Noormiza binti Mat Isa




4. DTC SVPWM Directly Driven Dual Motor Electric Vehicle Controlled

 -Nurazlin binti Mohd Yaakop




5. Shunt Active Power Filter for PV Generation System

 -Ahmad Shukri Abu Hasim




6. Multilevel Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter with Simple Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation

-Md Liton Hossain


7. Modeling of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC)

-Ayu Nurfatika Abdul Mubin


8. Multi Device Interleaved Boost Converter with MPPT for Fuel Cell Application

-Nur Hidayah Abu Khanipah


9. Sensorless Speed Drives of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using Model Reference Adaptive Control

-Raihana binti Mustafa


 10. Fuzzy Logic Controlled SPMSM for Long Cable Applications

-Cheok Yong Seng


 11. Simplified Fuzzy Logic Control of Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives

-Siti Noormiza Mat Isa


12. A Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter

-Sakthivel a/l Ganeson 






Research Grants






Title of research

Project Code / No



Design, analysis and development of bearingless permanent magnet synchronous motor

F00113 FRGS / 2011 / FKE / TK02 / 1



A new simplified rules selection method of fuzzy logic speed control for induction motor drive

FRGS / 1 / 2015 / TK04 / FKE / 02 / F00258



Investigation on modeling and control of parallel connected three - phase two - motor drives for industrial and consumer applications

E00001 ERGS / 2011 / FKE / TK02 / 1



Single Phase Bidirectional DC - to - AC Inverter for Renewable Energy System

MTUN / 2012 / UTeM - FKE / 2 M00010



Power Control Technology for Fuel Cell Vehicles

LRGS / 2014 / FKE / TK01 / 02 / R00004



Reduction of Leakage Ground Current using Optimal Modulation Technique for Single Phase PV Grid - Connected Transformerless Inverter System

PJP / 2013 / FKE (28B) / S01269



Investigation on Quasi - Z - Source Inverter with Hybrid Energy Storage for Electrical Motor Drive System

PJP / 2015 / FKE(10B) / S01447



Development of Self Tuning Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller for Induction Motor Drive

PJP / 2015 / FKE(6B) / S01419